Veteran Community Excited About New Tech Support Gig-App

TecMe Announces Partnerships With Arise Veterans and VeteranGIG

ST. LOUIS, March 30, 2021 ( – The Veteran community is excited about two relationships TecMe is establishing that present new earning opportunities in tech support. First, TecMe is partnering with Arise Veteran Foundation, a non-profit that empowers and equips Veterans to serve in their communities. Second, VeteranGIG, a website that connects the veteran community to gig-economy apps, has included TecMe as one of its first gig-apps available on the platform. Technicians earn income providing tech support to homes and small businesses while maintaining full control of their rates and schedule ranging from finding side jobs to building a full-time standalone business.

TecMe has partnered with Arise Veteran Foundation, dedicated to creating better opportunities for Veterans. Arise Veteran Foundation is moving its offices from Ellisville to downtown St. Louis and joining the BeginHere Accelerator housed in the T-REX technology incubator, where TecMe was founded. “We are excited about working with TecMe because our organizations share like-minded goals in supporting the Veteran community. By leveraging our many relationships, we can share TecMe’s earning opportunity and flexible work experience with many more Veterans, active service members, and military spouses,” said Dr. Kendall Brune, Chairman of Arise Veteran Foundation.

TecMe is also one of the first gig-apps to be available on VeteranGIG providing Veterans, spouses, and active service members in IT with a gig-app to monetize their tech support skills. TecMe COO, Gerald Caussade, comments, “We’re excited to continue working with VeteranGIG and the federal organizations that utilize it to make finding gig-work opportunities a lot easier for the Veteran community.”

“Finding portable work that military members and their families can rely on to make ends meet is a challenge in their constantly changing lifestyle,” states Native Veteran and current executive, Erich Bourgault. He further elaborates, “TecMe is unique because they’ve created a platform that makes it easy to start a tech support business and can remotely support customers nationwide. They can earn money using their IT skills gained in the military even if they are often re-located.”

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About TecMe

TecMe ( connects homes and small businesses with technicians to affordably solve their tech problems. Customers can book on-site or remote services for their devices including computers, mobile devices, routers, TVs, printers, etc. while giving vetted IT skilled individuals the support, tools, and infrastructure they need to grow a tech support business.

TecMe is funded by the BeginHere Accelerator (, using the SafeT platform for security and scalability. Co-founder, Gerald Caussade, has multiple successful exits including a market-leading BI tool, ClearAccess, in 1994 and licensing advanced AI technology to Microsoft in 2001. Colten Smith, co-founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur focused on gig-economy applications.